We are three generations of artists using jewelry as our canvas. We are PATANIA.

"We are more than jewelry designers.

More than just craftsmen.

We are three generations of artists

using jewelry as our canvas.

Uncompromising standards of excellence.

Bold design, unique simplicity.

We are Patania

A legacy in the art of jewelry."

Signature gem stones

Smoky Quartz


Green Amethyst


White Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz

Patania works with six different colored stones; White Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Sky Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst, and Citrine, as well as Turquoise. These six stones were hand selected by Sam Patania to provide a vibrant addition to all jewelry creations and to offer a variety in color to please all customers.


All the gems in our collection are designed in the premium "Concave cut". This special cut shows off the brilliance of every gem and it gives each stone the best light return with no dead spots.


Patania Sterling Silver Original only uses the highest quality, tarnish resistant sterling silver to accompany these beautiful stones. 

"Stunning one of a kind jewelry. Have been frequenting Patania's since the 70's. Three generations of fantastic silversmithing."

- Sean Maryott


Real Jewelry for Real People

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