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Marco Patania Fission Cuff

Marco Patania Fission Cuff

Bold, heavy and attention grabbing. This incredible Fission cuff is created with uranium glass cabs, and solid sterling silver and is sure to impress. Marco made this piece entirely from hand, including cutting the cabs from uranium marbles using a diamond saw. He also creates his own stamping tools from steel bars to give it a completely unique pattern on the interior. 



Interior diameter measures just under 5 1/2 inches with a 1 inch opening fitting small to medium wrist sizes. Size can be customized free of charge by request. 



  • More information on Uranium Glass

    These glass cabochons contain a micro amount of Uranium Oxide as the coloring agent, which causes them to fluoresce under UV light. Handling & wearing Uranium Glass does not pose any health risk, in fact, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission published a report in 2001 stating Uranium Glass is considered to be safer than household electronics. Please email us at with any questions you may have.


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