C. 1940 The Patania family has not made many squash blossom necklaces. I have only seen two, this one and the one in my family collection.

This necklace is a Thunderbird piece made entirely by hand, each bead and element. Beautiful sky blue persian turquoise is set in each blossom and Naja ( horse shoe shaped element at the center of the necklace) The hands on the ends of the Naja are the hands of the creator. The Naja is an ancient element found in cultures the earth over. The squash blossoms represent nature. This design is a spiritual earth centered theme and interpreted by Frank Patania Sr. into silver and turquoise.

This piece has a very nice wieght to it, it is an important piece artistically, materially and spiritualy.

21 inches end to end, 16 stones none cracked one with slight color change. This necklace is in very good condition.

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