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Frank Senior Coral Estate Cuff

Frank Senior Coral Estate Cuff

Need a distinctive small wrist-size single pair of cuffs? This pair of coral and sterling cuffs is IT!  Made by Frank Senior for his daughter, Sylvia, these cuffs make a striking statement together and will put all eyes on you. 


Matched pair of sterling silver and Mediterranean coral cuff bracelets each with the Thunderbird sterling and Frank Patania Senior's cartouche hallmarks. Each cuff has 5 coral pieces measuring 6 x 10 mm approximately.


One cuff measures 4 7/8-inch inside diameter with a 7/8-inch opening while the other measures 5 inches in diameter with a 7/8 inch opening. They are both 1-inch-wide overlay construction. C1955.


Cuffs are sold separately, please add both to the cart if you'd like to buy the pair. 


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