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Screw you, Covid 19, Patania Survives

My family's business has survived the Great Depression, World War II, the 1960s (!) and the Crash of '08. I'm still here in my studio, alone, designing and making jewelry.

With very few distractions I have been able to finish some pieces I started years ago.

This necklace which will soon be accompanied by matching earrings is one of my career defining pieces. Made of white and yellow of 18k gold and set with natural black web Number 8 mine Nevada turquoise it is a masterpiece.

I was inspired by midcentury interior design and the feel is from my soul. I grew up in a house filled with mid century modern designs made from natural wood and fabric. We also had my dad's steel sculptures and pieces from Guatemala where my parents traveled in the 1960s. This aesthetic made a lasting impression on me as well as both my dad's and grandfather's jewelry work. My grandfather's influence is present in this new necklace in my love for red carpet look jewelry. My dad's influence shows through in the modernist feel which I mixed with organic shaped turquoise.

I left the backs of the stone mounts open so the backs of the stones are visible. This turquoise was cut in free form shapes just as it grew from the earth. I cannot stress enough the rare nature of this particular turquoise set. I have worked with many rare turquoise in my artistic career so that in my couture pieces it is common. I am very privileged and blessed to have had extremely rare stones from many sources for my art. This necklace and soon the earrings have turquoise more rare than diamond which is why I put it in 18k gold.

More photos are coming and pricing. If you are a person who wants what no one else can have this piece is for you. In design, craftsmanship, materials and artistry this piece is unique. Legendary!

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