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  • Sam Patania

Love my job!

Large beautiful earrings. Morenci turquoise (Arizona) in shadowbox sterling silver.

I Love designing and making jewelry. I have been concentrating on my

Patania Collection, which I retail as well as wholesale, for the past year and a half. Buiding my website around my Patania Collection has been a supreme challenge.

I am done with this phase and am ready to get back to work on my one of a kind art work.

I am very proud to present my website to you. I feel I have a fantastic line of jewelry to present, rich in design and lavish in materials.

I have more jewelry coming out all the time in both the Patania Collection and Art Work areas. The Vintage area is always surprising, I never know when I will get VIntage pieces in for sale. I will attempt to keep my subscribers informed about new pieces so, please subscribe.