• Sam Patania

Legendary Patania Designs

For years I have been working to brand my family's jewelry. Branding became more necessary to me after creating my Patania Collection jewelry which is made possible by working with a company who crafted jewelry for Tiffany’s. They give me the workshop and expertise to create my designs in Patania quality and present them to a wholesale market as well as my own website. Like a painter I can have prints made of my originals and each is marked with the Collection hallmark.

Like most challenges in my life I completely underestimated how much work it would be. I am glad because if I saw it as the huge mountain that it is, I would have been too intimidated to even try.

I would not be here without all the help my family has given me for all these decades. My sisters, parents and kids have been behind me 100%. They had faith in me when I did not have any for myself.

I have a great team starting with my business coach Lori Niederlehner. Lori’s advice and larger vision were exactly what I needed to attempt my branding and bring my Collection to a national stage.

Deb Newman of Petite Taway created and re-created my website through my whims and mistakes. Deb has stuck with me beyond all reason. This website is her work.

Frank Williams owner of Frank Williams Design (FWD) here in Tucson is the design firm I have been working with to solidify my marketing. Frank has the energy, creativity, and team to push me forward. My business's look is FWD's work.

Neal Ekker, who I met this past year through a series of odd circumstances, sat with me during the last Tucson gem show (2020 before COVID) and talked to me about marketing. With the observations gleaned from the gem show where I was selling, Neal helped me develop a direction for my marketing. I knew I needed one but did not know how to get there. Neal has an interesting background in marketing various products and gave me a completely new set of ideas about all this stuff. His fresh vision was exactly what I needed.

I needed to provide my team with a direction.

Here it is;

If Patania designs do not intrigue you and get you to stop and look at the craftsmanship, then I am not making enough impression to start a conversation. If you want to know why I present my family's jewelry legacy as legendary, I have 93 years of family jewelry history to show you along with museum acquisitions, museum shows and artistic accolades. If the colorful stones in amazing cuts, the premium turquoise, silver, gold, platinum, and diamonds do not stop you in your tracks then we are just not connecting. If the passion for making art which can be worn does not show through, then I have not done my best to present it to you.

The Patania family has loved making jewelry for almost a century (93 years!).

I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I love making it.