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A Family of Contemporary Jewelry Designers

I come from a family of contemporary jewelry designers. Since the 1920s when my grandfather opened his first store my family has been designing and making jewelry which defines contemporary.

Frank Patania Sr. created southwestern style contemporary jewelry from 1927 until his death in 1964. His jewelry was fashion conscious and it was classic. His body of work was filled with pieces just as relevant today as it was when he designed and crafted it. The ability to create jewelry that never went out of style is the definition of classic design:

clas·sic /ˈklasik/

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adjective 1. judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. "a classic novel"synonyms:definitive, authoritative;

My father Frank Patania Jr. defined himself as an artist by developing his modernist style. He not only created his modernist work but continued to make southwestern jewelry by maintaining the workshop his dad had started.

The Patania Thunderbird workshop had as many as 10 craftsmen at at time creating jewelry to sell to the customers who shopped on the plaza in Santa Fe and downtown Tucson. These silversmiths were the masters hands who took his designs and materials and filled the stores showcases with Patania quality jewelry.

The ability of both men to run a store, create their own art work and employ multiple artists amazes me.

The photograph shows a Thunderbird Style pendant and chain made in the workshops of Frank Patania Sr and Frank Patania Jr.

Patania designer jewelry in silver turquoise.

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I sell both Vintage Patania Jewelry as well as my own fashion jewelry and my art work one of a kind pieces. My work is contemporary and classic. I don't ride trends, I am looking for people who want amazing jewelry which is contemporary and distinct.

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