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Ready Set GO! at The Tuscon Gem Show

Tucson Gem Show was started in 1955 and has evolved into the largest revenue producing event for Tucson. I have been going since my dad would drag me there when I was a kid. I found it terribly boring until I started working for my dad in 1979. It has been a big influence in my work since, creating a desire to use the amazing stones I saw.

This past year was spent creating a cohesive collection of work which I can wholesale. I call this my Patania Collection because it draws from many best selling designs of my dad's and grandfather's as well as my own designs. It is broken up into 10 collections named for the emotion I get from the signature pieces which make up that collection. All are visible on my retail web site; www.spatania.com

I include in the Patania Collection designs which are all silver, designs which are silver and colored stones and designs which are silver and turquoise. I work with 6 different colored stones, amethyst, citrine, green amethyst, white topaz, sky blue topaz and smoky quartz so I have a broad pallet to draw from. I use several shapes of these stones but they are all cut in the concave cut which I specify. This cut design is just amazing.

As for turquoise in my collection I have worked with several miner/cutters and lapidarys to get consistent sizes and shapes, not a small feat in the turquoise world! I can get any size, shape, color or cut of diamond any time of the day or night but getting the turquoise I want in the sizes and shapes I need is not ever assured. I have enough suppliers that I won't be caught short.

If you are visiting the show as a jewelry professional please come visit me at the JOGS venue, I am in booth N923. I am so happy and proud of my collection work I can't wait to show it!. I have a minimum wholesale purchase of only $1,000 and a wholesale order system I am very proud of. 5 to 8 week order times, half down on placing your order and paid in full prior to shipping. I am easy to work with, responsive and responsible. I have printed brochure sales aids for my jewelry in the form of quality assurances for stones and metal for your retail customers and images ready to go of any of my Collection pieces.

Buy a few pieces to try or a whole show case to really represent Patania in your store. I would love to do artist appearances and trunk shows for you in your store. I have a family history which is a great story to back my lineage in jewelry, collectors list a list of museums my family's jewelry are in, and the largest archive of my family's story in jewelry all available for any retailer who wants to use it.

I have zillions of designs and more in my head to come. I love making jewelry.

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