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I have been preparing for the Tucson Gem Show for months. The "Show" is the largest gem show of it's kind in the world and it's right here in my back yard EVERY YEAR! I grew up going to the show.

I have shown at the show only one time. It really wasn't a finished jewelry show so I never thought of setting up a booth. After I showed at the Las Vegas JCK jewelry show, which is the largest jewelry show in the US, I felt I should show in Tucson.

This year I have decided to have a booth at the JOGS venue in Tucson. I am looking for a few more wholesale accounts to carry my jewelry. At the Vegas show I picked up 2 accounts, one in Santa Fe and one in Vero Beach, Florida.

I feel I am not close to my max as far as production is concerned but I am close to what I can do on my own in regards to taking care of my clients by myself.

I am so blessed to be in a business I love, designing for production as well as making my one of a kind art work. I also get to work selling my grandfather's and dad's Vintage jewelry and jewelry parts for those who love making jewelry on their own.

I am set up with a wholesale web site and also a retail web site, I am working with a jewelry company who is world class. I am set up for success. I am so fortunate, I know it.

It's been lots of hard work, learning and making mistakes having amazing successes and moving forward.

Right now I am focused on Tucson, come visit me, I'm in booth N923 at the JOGS venue from January 31 to February 11. Say hello, explore the possibility of carrying my jewelry in your store or stores. I am ready for you! and look forward to it.


Requests for a password for the wholesale web site with proper documentation and vetting accepted.

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