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An amazing rewarding year!

This year was unlike any other in the 91 year history of my family business. A complete overhaul of my jewelry creation method to enable me to wholesale along with increasing my retail offerings.

The earrings in the photo above would not be possible with out working in the latest methods of jewelry making. With out partnering with a major U.S. jewelry manufacturer I would not be able to jump with both feet into the wholesale market.

Showing at the largest finished jewelry show in the United States was a dream until this past June. I showed at the JCK in Las Vegas and started working towards moving from small regional art jewelry creator to getting wholesale clients from Vero Beach Florida to Santa Fe.

I created a wholesale only website to take care of my clients. I fine tuned my retail website into a store front I am really proud of.

My dad is amazed at what I have done this year and I can imagine my grandfather is also very proud to have the family name presented in such a fine way.

www.spatania.com is my retail site and if you are seeking a cutting edge jewelry line with many different a fascinating collections please ask and I will screen you for my wholesale only website.

Thank you to all my clients who have been on this journey with me. This coming year new designs which I have already been working on for months will appear! Stay tuned.

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