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TURQUOISE! and Patania Inspirations

Turquoise has been a passion for my family for 90 years. My grandfather fell in love with it when he came to Santa Fe in the early 1920s. My dad and I have had a love affair with turquoise our entire careers.

I now present turquoise in my Patania Collection work!

I have concentrated my designs toward colored stones (citrine, amethyst, green amethyst, smoky quartz, white topaz and sky blue topaz) for most of the past year. The colored stones have a more national appeal while turquoise has a southwest connotation to it. Even though Patania designs are not southwestern necessarily, silver and turquoise is usually thought of as southwestern if not Native American (even though Tiffany's has built an empire on turquoise!).

I am able to get the colored stones I work with any time, they are not rare. I have them cut into a rare cut to show them off to their best but, the material itself is not rare. Diamonds, ruby, sapphire and emerald are not rare except the top most expensive grades. I can get any diamond day or night from many different sources, any cut, any color, any grade.

Turquoise on the other hand is often difficult or impossible to get depending on the amount of the turquoise in the ground, the grade, cut or color.

One of my main concerns for designing for my Patania Collection and using turquoise was how I could be assured of consistent quality sources. I don't want to develop a design which I cannot get turquoise for.

Well, the concern is a valid concern and turquoise comes and goes. I can never be assured of a turquoise supply. One day a mine could close and that's it or a government cuts the supply and it is impossible to get.

I love turquoise so much I am compelled to use it. I could not stop designing for turquoise.

My turquoise comes from Nevada and Arizona for my Patania Collection. Maybe other supplies of different turquoise will pop up and I can use them as well. Turquoise is always surprising!

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