• Sam Patania

Bead Strand Necklaces

Patania is not the usual silver and turquoise and we are not confined by convention. My fore fathers always carried Native American crafts and jewelry as well as imported art from places as diverse as Italy and New Guinea.

My whole life and specifically my career has been influenced by many different styles and cultures. Being artists rather than just silversmiths, designers or jewelers we have always felt free to include beauty where ever we find it.

These bead strands have been little influenced by me. There is little I can add to their beauty except to make them wearable. I present two of my most favorite things for sale, Royston turquoise and spiny oyster.

Royston is mined in Nevada and usually comes out of the ground in thin layers on top of the mother rock. Beads which are this large and round rarely come from Royston. When I saw these I jumped on them, I really wanted to have them myself even if for just a little while. I just wanted to be associated with them. Natural Royston beads are a rare find. I love that they are rustic. I love that they have the variation which distinguishes them as Royston. I knotted them to set each bead apart and added my hallmark tag. The extension chain adds versatility to wear with any neckline. I hope you enjoy these as I do. They are for sale on my website. www.spatania.com

The spiny oyster beads are one of my favorite colors of spiny oyster but to have them so consistent is very rare. These are not the usual rustic spiny beads. These are as refined a bead as coral or high end gem beads. They graduate slightly so they are delicate around the neck. I wanted to make necklaces with multiple strands for maximum effect but the single strands are so beautiful I was shocked at how powerful they are. They are all 22 inches in length plus the extension chain.

Bringing these beads to my website is such a joy to me. I hope they go to a good home, to someone who knows what they are and how privileged it is to wear such amazing beads. I have found through my career that to get out of the way of a beautiful stone and to not try to make it my own is the right thing to do. But, I couldn't let them go out with out my hallmark tag, I really like to be associated with these beautiful necklaces.

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