• Sam Patania

Patania Friends

Cele Peterson was a friend of my family's who was a clothing designer and well known here in Tucson. Almost every day of her life she wore a pair of my grandfather's cuffs and hair pins. She was very well connected in Tucson and a help to me personally in my career. She was a very generous lady with her time and talent.

I have been fortunate to meet and work for so many wonderful people over the years, many of whom I never meet in person.

Many people who were customers of my grandfather's and dads were also customers of mine. We have had generational customers and been apart of their family's traditions for graduations, weddings and even reselling family pieces when older generations pass on.

Business is about people. I love what I do and am able to share that with my clients and students. I am so fortunate to have been taught this trade by my dad, a trade that I can't imagine living with out.

I have had a client who bought her first piece from my grandfather on lay-a-way while she was at Tucson High in the 1950s. It was a concha belt (for $50!!!!!!) and she always told me the story when she came in. Her husband commissioned me to make her a new piece of jewelry every year for Christmas.

I have a client friend who comes in and we spend the afternoon laughing and talking about our kids.

I have clients who visit me every time they are in Tucson. I have clients who I only meet via email and clients who are wholesale buyers I see once a year at trade shows.

I have friends who knew my grandfather and were some how involved in the jewelry business with him and my dad.

Then there are my students. My students from workshops I teach in Miami to the students I see every week are special to me (with no sarcasm intended!).

I used to think that my jewelry was unimportant. In the scheme of things jewelry is a luxury. But, art in general is important. Jewelry, the wearable art, is important to people to commemorate events. I really appreciate the emotional impact my art can have on people and the sentimental value of loved jewelry.

In every class I teach there is a moment where each student will tell me that the ideas or technique I am able to bring to them are worth the price of the class.

My life revolves around family, friends and my business which are all completely intertwined. I wouldn't have it any other way.