• Sam Patania

Patania Jewelry as Architecture

When designing on a computer I am able to see every detail of the piece in ways I never could before. I can fly around the surfaces and dive into details under the stones. Details so small can be seen that will never show up in the finished piece.

I began thinking that I could capture some of that feeling with the photography of my jewelry. For better or worse I do my own product photography. In my photographs I can see detail that my old eyes miss even with the crazy glasses I wear these days.

I have tried this type of photography before with a commissioned piece. It was a pendant in sterling and amethyst. I began to day dream about the pendant being a building I could walk inside of.

The ceiling would allow this amazing purple light which would vary as I walked around the floor. I got lost in this micro world as when looking at a diamond under a microscope.

I have always looked to architecture for inspiration to my work. One of the very first designs I got off of a building was on the old Pioneer Hotel in downtown Tucson. It had a corner molding that I fell in love with. I made bracelets with that design.

So, maybe in some small way I am trying to return the favor.