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New Life for an old business!

My business has gone through many changes through the years. I have reinvented myself many times. All the changes are to improve my response time to customers, increase my ability to create jewelry and perhaps most important to maintain the level of quality my grandfather and dad were known for.

Early 2018 I started working with a company who was a major producer of jewelry for Tiffany's. I started designing with the help of computers and 3-D printing. The Patania family always since 1927 had silversmiths who worked creating our jewelry. Most of the silversmiths were Native American who came to apprentice to my grandfather, Frank Patania Sr., and dad , Frank Patania Jr. Many of the silversmiths who apprenticed to my fore fathers went on to make a name for themselves.

My desire to employ another company to craft my Patania Collection jewelry was in my DNA! I still make my one of a kind art work which often goes onto become the basis for my Collection work.

The top photo was made early in 2018 and the bottom one is one I made myself. I looked and worked for many years to find a company which could make jewelry up to the standards of the Patania family. This company is located in Rhode Island so that all my jewelry is American made. Rhode Island was the center of American jewelry manufacture for decades until foreign manufacture became so attractive financially. Rhode Island has large unemployed population of jewelry makers who know how to craft quality.

I'm not a nationalist by any means but, working with the best jewelry makers in the world who also live in the US makes me proud.

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