• Sam Patania

A Few Words from Sam Patania

I love making jewelry. I have been creating jewelry for 40 years, including the the ten years being an apprentice to my father, Frank Patania Jr.

My father learned from his father who started this business in 1927 right on the Plaza in Santa Fe NM. My family history in jewelry was recognized by the Smithsonian in 2001, when they accepted one piece from each generation into their permanent collection. A cuff bracelet from my grandfather, dad and myself were selected from a body of work which continues to evolve to this day. My dad has since had another cuff accepted by the Smithsonian. We are the only family to be honored in this way with three generations of artists being accepted at one time. My son Marco is currently learning to carry on the Patania tradition.

My challenge as an artist was to create work which was different from my forefathers. I think I have succeeded in that quest, but it was difficult as they were both master craftsmen. I draw much of my artistic influence from them but I have done more work in gold, platinum and gemstones than they did and my original designs are very distinctly different. I strive to make my mark as an artist apart from dad and my grandfather.

This website will feature Three Collections: The Patania Collection, The Couture Collection and the Vintage Collection.

I offer the Patania Collection Design as an homage to the designs and craftsmanship of designs that inspire me which are some of our best sellers and complement current fashion trends .

Much of the Collection is classic which allows the wearer to enjoy it with any fashion. The feel is one of power and confidence. The knowledge that this jewelry is proven to go from east to west coast, big and small city, dressed up or down, makes these pieces a staple for any wardrobe. It’s just made to be worn and enjoyed and as a fashion statement. Clothes come and go but Patania jewelry never goes out of style. These pieces can be passed on in families for generations. The Collection work is made in my studio in Tucson by my son and I and bears the Collection hallmark.

I also make my own art work, in the Couture Collection, one of a kind pieces. Museum quality heirloom work made with precious gems and metals. These are wearable art pieces. Design is everything to a fine artist, but I get to work with intrinsically valuable materials. These pieces say that you are not interested in ordinary jewelry found all over the world. These pieces feel extraordinary. These pieces are made by me and have my personal hallmark on them.

My final offering is Vintage Patania jewelry from my father and grandfather, both proven to be collectible artists. I offer work with their personal hallmarks as well as Thunderbird Shop jewelry made in my fore father’s workshops and hallmarked with the famous Thunderbird stamp.