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Smithsonian American Art Museum/Renwick Gallery/Luce Foundation Center, Washington D.C.

"Patania's fascination with the brilliant colours of gemstones differentiates his style from those of his father and grandfather, also represented in the Luce Foundation Center: Patania states, "A desire to learn drives my work. New techniques, symmetry, asymmetry, materials - all are areas which continue to drive my designs. Color captures my eye and the thought of the beautiful women who will wear my work keeps me inspired."

"I really feel that these three pieces represent the very best of craftspeople and designers. What interests me is the quality of design - they're absolutely stunning. Very simply, they appealed to me."
Kenneth R. Trapp, co-curator at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

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"Sam painstakingly chooses only the highest quality of each particular stone for use in his work, and keeps himself apprised of the fashion and jewelry trends of America and Europe so he remains connected to his audience."


"Patania unites the modernist tendencies of his father's architectural style in the smooth polished band, with the romantic leanings of his grandfather's work."... Farlang.com

Silver Huntress

"Sam doesn't rest on his laurels. He closed Patania's retail shop in 2004 to focus exclusively on jewelry making, working with a few select galleries who represent his work. Sam's search for new forms of self-expression now takes place full time. Inspiration comes from emerging trends in fashion and design. Sam applies imagination and years of mastery to give them form in metal and stone.".. SilverHuntress.com

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"The strength and character of the Patania name and tradition show no sign of weakening. This is a family whose standard of excellence will survive and thrive well into the future.".. Shari Watson Miller ModernSilver.com

Sam Patania's Honors and Awards

Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian
Smithsonian Museum of American Art
September 2000
Three pieces, each a cuff bracelet, from three generations of my family were accepted into the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery of the Museum of American Art at the same time. We are the only family to have such an honor. The bracelets were selected to represent a body of work by my grandfather, Frank Patania Sr., my father, Frank Patania Jr. and myself, Sam Patania. These pieces are on display in the Renwick Gallery of which is located across Pennsylvania Ave. from the Whitehouse in Washington DC.

Contemporary Southwest Images XIV Stonewall Foundation Series
Stonewall Foundation
September 1999
The Stonewall Foundation granted the Patania family, three generations; Frank Patania Sr., Frank Patania Jr. and Sam Patania, their Contemporary Southwest Images Series show at the Tucson Museum of Art in 1999. The show was called," The Patanias: A Legacy in Silver and Gold" and was curated by Joanne Stuhr of the TMA. The opening crowd was the largest the TMA had experienced up to that time attended by many people who owned Patania jewelry and many who had lent pieces for the show.


Stamped Cuff With Turquoise
Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: June 1, 2009
Authors: Sam Patania
This was a how to article about making a cuff bracelet with turquoise where I did all the photography and writing for my article. My piece was on the cover of this issue.
Sterling and Citrine Cuff

Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: December 1, 2012
Authors: Sam Patania
My piece was on the cover of this issue, I wrote and shot all my own photographs for this "how to" article on making a sterling silver cuff bracelet set with citrine.
Turquoise Cabachon and Silver and Turquoise Cuff

Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: May 1, 2013
Authors: Sam Patania
This was a two part article with the first part about cutting turquoise from rough to a cabachon and the second part about how to make an overlay cuff bracelet in sterling using the stone cut in the first part of the article. I wrote the article and my son Marco and I shot the photographs.
Longevity Of Western Style

Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: April 1, 2012
Authors: Sam Patania
Interviewed by Jewelry Artist Magazine about my definition of Western Style. Page 27 of this issue.
Better Together

Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: December 1, 2006
Authors: Sam Patania, Sharon Elaine Thompson
This was an interview article about the new alloy of silver and platinum which I worked with early on in it's developement
How to Pour an ingot

Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: September 1, 2009
Authors: Sam Patania
Demo article about pouring a sterling silver ingot which I wrote and shot the photographs
Free Flowing Wedding Band in Argentium and Gold

Jewelry Artist / Lapidary Journal /Interweave Press: June 1, 2010
Authors: Sam Patania
I wrote and shot the photographs for this "How To" article about fusing argentium sterling into a wedding ring, my piece was on the cover
Collecting Family Silver

Smithsonian Magazine: March 1, 2002
Authors: Sam Patania, Stephanie Doster
Interviewed by the Smithsonian Magazine after the Smithsonian Gallery of American Art took 3 pieces of my family's work into permanent collection. My dad and I were interviewed by Stephanie and 15 rolls of film were shot of us in one day. It was a long day. That was when film was still used. I just noticed my photographs were used of the three bracelets taken by the museum for the article. The Patania family

Tucson Lifestyle Home and Garden: June 1, 2003
Authors: Sam Patania, Margaret Falk
Interviewed article about my family's work in which many of my jewelry photographs were used.

Jeweled Legacy: The Foothills : May 1, 2007
Authors: Sam Patania, Alexis Blue
Interview article

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